Monday, 21 December 2009

The Holidays with...Tim Chaplin

Monday, 21 December 2009

British singer/songwriter Tim Chaplin answered some questions for the holiday feature....this is what he had to say.

Which holiday do you participate in, Christmas, Chanukah, other?

What are your plans for the holidays?
Work, mostly

What was the best holiday present you ever received?
A little photo book

The best Christmas song is:
'Father Christmas Still' by Factory Kids... or maybe 'Teenage Christmas' by the Jacobites (electric or acoustic - take yer pick)

What is on top of your wishlist?
A fairy

Share a fond holiday memory from your childhood:
I'm still in the middle of it

The perfect holiday party consists of:
No other people

At midnight on 1 January 2010, I/we will be...
A lickle bit drunk

Cheers, Tim! x

Tim's latest solo albums The September Sessions and For Real in the Real World are now available on iTunes.

Tim Chaplin's myspace


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