Monday, 16 November 2009

The Black Hollies

Monday, 16 November 2009

This morning while on a cross-country train, I re-discovered my love for The Black Hollies. A modern band hailing from Jersey City, NJ but sounding like they come out of swinging 60s London. The Black Hollies are a band for anyone who's a fan of classic 60s Garage like The Sonics or The Seeds...or even the British Invasion. They definitely sound like they come out of another time and place.

I first heard about them from two Aussie friends who went to see them in New York last year and praised their live show. Despite the fact that I lived in NY at the time I had never heard them, which was a shame, because as soon as I heard the first few lines of "Gloomy Monday Morning", I realized I had been missing out on something great.

Check out their video for "Paisley Pattern Ground", which could've been filmed near Brian Jones' house back in 1968 if you didn't know any better...

The Black Hollies' are currently touring the US, so check them out if you can...Full tour details on their myspace

Listen to their album "Crimson Reflections" in full on
Listen to their album, "Softly Towards The Light" in full on


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