Monday, 26 October 2009

A few minutes with...Kim Acrylic

Monday, 26 October 2009

This past weekend's interview with Kim Acrylic from the band Kim Acrylic & the Northern Drones, who are based in both Seattle, USA and Dublin, Ireland.

How did Kim Acrylic and the Northern Drones come about?
It's pretty interesting really. I had just gotten my first volume of poetry
published and decided to do some promo stuff with me reading spoken word on my myspace. Well, the Northern Drones happened to stumble across my page, digged my voice and words, so they asked me to collaborate on a music project with them. Of course I was beside myself, it's been my dream to put my words with music. They reside in Ireland and I'm here in Seattle. Everything was recorded via the about LOW-FI!

So, being the vocalist and lyricist for the Northern Drones, who are your biggest inspirations, lyric-wise?
As a teen Jim Morrison was a biggie for me, the dark mystical words thrown
together. As I got older I branched out into the beats. Jim Carroll and a
lot of the French poets. But lyric-wise and musically I'd have to say Jarvis
Cocker from the band Pulp is my greatest influence. His delivery and choice
of words and story telling is amazingly done.

What bands do people say are similar to the Northern Drones?
We seem to get the Velvet Underground comparison a ton! Which is so
flattering because I'm a HUGE fan of Lou Reed's words as well. We also get
compared to Sonic Youth which s funny cos I never listened to them much, and again, The Doors.

Tell us something interesting about your hometown of Seattle:
What can I say about Seattle that hasn't been said? Well it DOESN'T rain as
much as people say, in fact our summer had temps in the 100's and a rough
winter..I blame global warming...But yeah Seattle is more GRAY than my opinion.

When you're just hanging out, what music are you usually listening to?
Huge Britpop fanatic. Shoegaze, French and U.K. indie and 60's counter
culture. I have a ridiculously huge music collection

What was the first album you ever bought?
First album I owned was Chipmunk Punk on vinyl. I was like three or four
years old. However, the first one I bought on my own was most likely a
horrid bubble gum pop album from the mid-eighties.

Does your band have any weird superstitions?
I'm not superstitious myself, however, I was a little worried of the "poet
curse". After I got published then released a record I was worried I'd die
tragically (laughs), but as for the rest of the band I don't really know
where their beliefs on superstitions lie.

You're friends with James St. did you get to know him?
James is a great guy. I interviewed him once for a music magazine I used to
write for. We talked a few times on the phone and say hello online, but we
have never met. We're more of acquaintances, really.

What's your band's fashion sense/style? Any favourite clothing shops?
I'm all about thrift stores and yard sales! Jeans and t-shirts suit the band
just fine. I'm mostly in all black, in a band shirt and skirt. Nothing is
ever "brand new" in my closet.

Your album is called "Fanfare Meltdown". Where did that title come from?
Fanfare Meltdown is the name of one of our songs and one of my poems. I
thought it would be a catchy title and the band agreed.

Describe your fanbase in 3 words:
Eclectic, avant garde, eccentric

I love the music video for "Exile Yourself". How was it made?
With a web cam. I made videos of me moving about and being intense with
masks and props. Then I sent it to Steve Lowe, the guitarist, who also mixed
the album. Then he added in his footage and tripped it all out. Very
brilliant artist. I'm happy to be working with him

If you could be any other person for a day, who would you be?
Someone definitely opposite from me, otherwise whats the point? Maybe Chloe Sevigny? Naw, shes not too different, maybe a gay guy!

What's better - downloading, still buying CDs, or collecting vinyl?
Downloading is easier, however, there is NOTHING like browsing a little
record shop for either tapes, CDs or vinyl. I really dig tapes still, I have
2 suitcases FULL of them! And besides, we don't want record stores to shut
down, do we?

Best band you've seen live?
Jarvis Cocker live in 2007..Hands down most amazing gig. The energy and
passion,everything I strive to be.

Is there anything (previously unknown) about your band that you'd like to share with the world?
We have never met in person during this whole project

And lastly, how can people get their hands on your album?
iTunes and CD baby

Thanks Kim! x

Kim Acrylic & The Northern Drones' myspace


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