Friday, 23 October 2009

28 Degrees Taurus

Friday, 23 October 2009

A band that deserves to be on everyone's radar is Boston's 28 Degrees Taurus. I first became aware of them as one of my former bandmates became good friends with their guitarist/vocalist, Jinsen. Before we knew it we were sharing a stage in a basement of a drag queen/cabaret club in downtown Boston. Good times. Their music (almost literally) blew me away. Still partying as hard as ever, 28 Degrees Taurus is still going strong.

Their song "Universal Love" sounds like a ethereal soundscape drawing you into a void where you could live happily ever after (if you're into that) while "Electricity" is a bit more of a rocker, with haunting vocals and blurring the edges of psychedelia...but I think my favourite track of theirs is "Wherever You Can Find It", with Jinsen and Karina sharing the vocals, it's shoegaze as its finest.

You can download both of their albums for FREE at Gimme Sound.

Check them out at the dates below:

23 Oct - Grady Tavern (8pm)
Manchester, Connecticut
24 Oct - Bushwick Music Studio (8pm)
w/Gunfight, Where the Land Meets the Sea & Quiet Loudly, Brooklyn, New York
24 Oct - Goodbye Blue Monday (10pm)
w/The Vandelles & Fly Upright Kite , Brooklyn, New York
6 Nov 2009 - The Precinct (10pm)
w/Lindsey Starr & the chemical smiles , Somerville, Massachusetts
28 Nov 2009 - Middle East Upstairs (8pm)
Cambridge, Massachusetts

28 Degrees Taurus' myspace


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