Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Drunken Werewolf!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

One of the most creative underground 'zines in the UK today is Drunken Werewolf. Founded and run by Bristol native Tiffany Daniels, Drunken Werewolf provides interviews, reviews and articles on some of the best up and coming acts.

Issues are available at Rough Trade Records in London and for free at Avalanche Records in Edinburgh (if you manage to get a copy - they're very popular!). Although, you can receive Drunken Werewolf at your UK doorstep for £2.00 or non-UK address for £3.o0. I received my first issue (#10) at Christmastime. Featuring Caitlin Rose, Logan Lynn, Olo Worms, the label Filthy Little Angels and more.... it is a great, informative read that any indie music fan should have on their coffee table.

For more info:
Drunken Werewolf blog
Drunken Werewolf Official myspace


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