Saturday, 20 March 2010

Screen Vinyl Image vs. Factory Kids

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Back in May 2009, Factory Kids released their debut self-titled album featuring the track "You Gotta Rain" (you can hear the original on our myspace). Now in 2010, electro darlings Screen Vinyl Image have remixed the track, giving it an atmospheric electronic touch that only they can do. It is one of the few remixes I've heard that actually gets better as it goes along...

Download it here for free:
Factory Kids - You Gotta Rain (Screen Vinyl Image Remix).mp3

The track is just a preview of the upcoming Factory Kids remix album, Beautiful Distortion, which features remixes by Jimmy Lee (Trailer Trash Tracys), Nick Duffy (Lilac Time), Richard Formby (producer, Spacemen 3/The Telescopes), Jo Barlett (it's Jo and Danny), David R. (Eulogy Inn) + many more. The album is being released independently by Tim and myself and will be out soon on iTunes.


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