Monday, 1 March 2010

The Brothers Movement

Monday, 1 March 2010

On Thursday I saw Dublin band The Brothers Movement at the Captain's Rest in Glasgow. Last time I saw them live was a few years ago at the Luna Lounge (R.I.P.) in New York. Back then, the Brothers Movement was still under their former name, Mainline. I loved their live set then, but enjoyed it even more on Thursday. Their set was absolutely brilliant, banging out one amazing tune after the other. If I had to pick a favourite from the set, I think their live version of "Blind" really stands out.

I highly recommend their debut album, which the NME gave an 8/10. From personal experience, I know it is difficult to find their album in the shops, but you can get it online from Rocket Girl or

Also, if you like the Brothers Movement, also check out their guitarist Danda's side project, Sweet Jane, who I am a huge fan of.

The Brothers Movement's myspace
Video: The Brothers Movement - Standing Still
Video: The Brothers Movement - Blind


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