Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Glasgow ABC

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Last night we went to see Brian Jonestown Massacare at the ABC in Glasgow. The audience left something to be desired (some bloke spilled beer all over my dress, lovely). However, the music was brilliant! The played old favourites such as "Anemone", "Hide and Seek", "Jennifer", as well as more recent tunes "Here it Comes" and "When Jokers Attack" (both from 2003's And This is Our Music).

I love that Matt Hollywood has re-joined the band, as they played some of his songs, including "Oh Lord" and "Not If You Were the Last Dandy On Earth" (I particularly enjoyed the latter). Joel Gion was the centre of attention as well, once again compelling the audience with a swish the of the tambourine.

Overall it was an amazing set. I realized it was the 9th time I've seen Brian Jonestown Massacre, and every time I've walked away loving their music more than ever. It's no surprise that I've been listening to their albums for most of the day today.

A few photos:

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anemone.mp3


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